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Table Of Contents
X Rants : the most up to date and unorganized section of all.. [always new]
X The 3D Section (Demos, Articles)
X Miscellaneous coding/alg stuff
X Exe : research apps & utilities
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X Physics Section
X Compression Source Code (PPMZ, LZP, LZ77, Wavelets, etc.)
X PPMZ : High Compression Markov Coder
X Compression Algorithm Descriptions
X Articles I've posted on compression & info-theory
X Some Papers on Compression
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X Gravity Duel game
X The Poker Section (Articles on Texas Hold'Em)
X demos (executables) of 3D tech (junk)
X other graphics-related source and apps (junk)
X Java CLI apps (junk)
X ChukShell (junk)
X Fitness ; basic principles of body composition
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X Personal info & resumé
X send email to
Charles Bloom / cb at my domain

Charles Bloom / cb at my domain