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ChukSH uses standard Amiga wildcards, through matchpat.c from crblib

note that other systems' wildcards are contained as a subset of the Amiga wildcards, which also provide more power.

For non-Amiga users, (and note to Amiga users: there are some differences), here's an explanation:

A Pattern consists of alternating Tokens and Wilds

A Wild, '*' or '#?' matches any number of any character

All Tokens must be matched.

A Token consists of:

raw characters
or ranges of characters: [x-y] matches x,y,and all values between
or lists of characters: [a,b,c] matchs a or b or c
or Any character: ?

Tokens may be preceeded by a boolean-not '~'

Tokens may be OR-ed by listing options as (x|y|z)

Note to Amiga users: Does not support #x functionality except in #?


the dictionary of strings which may be matched is:

I'm sure you can see from these examples just how wonderful these wildcards are.

something I forgot (oops) : ` to make the next character raw.

in case your file has one of the reserved characters in its name, use `? or `* or `~ or `` to explicitly turn off wildcard processing on that character

Reserved characters:

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