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Download GravityDuel.zip here (13 MB).

Gravity Duel! Push and throw your opponents into the mighty black hole.
Leave a trail of solid rocket fuel that you can use to build defensive walls and confound your opponent.
Fire your disable missile and shrapnel missile, but don't hope to destroy your opponent - these ships are made of Unobtainium!
Only the black hole can vanquish your foe.

Download GravityDuel.zip here (13 MB).

code : Charles Bloom | art : Ryan Ellis

Gravity Duel can be played on the keyboard, but it sucks. You really need two PS2 (or other dual-analog) gamepads. Requires a decent 3D graphics card, uses OpenGL. Full source code is available at the Indie Jam site.

Use your solid rocket fuel, your missiles, your fuel ram-scoop for extra speed, and grab your enemy with your grappling hook. It's rumored that if you hold all buttons, the Starfighter performs a special move, but we have no information on its capabilities; many have tried it before - they tried and died. ;)

This is the game we made at the Indie Game Jam (2). The jam was centered around a 2d physics engine by Atman Binstock. The goal of the IGJ is not just to make a game in a few days; the idea is to explore new avenues and try to get inspiration for different gameplay mechanics. We can't claim to have actually pushed the envelope here, but the gameplay in GD actually turned out fun, which is a lucky result at the IGJ! The dynamic of different moves and counter-moves makes GD a very strategic shooter. Position and timing and counter-moves are critical, the direct attack is easily foiled.

Much thanks to Atman Binstock, Chris Hecker, Casey Muratori, Sean Barret, and all who made the Indie Jam possible. Also much thanks to our employers, Oddworld Inhabitants, for supporting us at the IGJ.

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