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New : July, 1999. I'm trying to convert some of my C graphics demos to Java. I haven't found any tech tips on high-performance graphics for java (all I really want to do is create a back-buffer, be able to twiddle the pixels, and trigger a page flip? why can't they just let me do it..)

Anyway, here's an early test: Hue Equation Applet

I finally jumped on the Java bandwagon. Here are some Java applications and applets I have written, including a Codec (encode/decode) class, a clib class, a WildCard class, an NNTP class, a Telnet class, and the GrabNews application.

I wrote all of this code in about a week (which includes the learning Java time) without a (useable) debugger. If that isn't a reason to use Java, then look at how simple the networking code is. Too bad about the pointers and the interpreting, though..

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Created 7-23-96 : not too clean or well documented right now.

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