Motion compensation without side information for Wavelet Video

February 14, 1999

The basic architecture of the Wavelet Video encoder:

The inverse is obvious. The only thing to talk about is the "computed delta band". If we do no motion compensation, the delta band is just the previous band, and this is just a wavelet image coder with deltas between the frames.

BTW I don't consider 3d wavelets very practical because of the collosal memory use, and the difficulty of incorporating really nice motion compensation.

Ok, now for the serious stuff, how to compute the band to delta against. To compute the delta for band N, we do the transform up to L bands (L <= (N-1)), so that we have a 2^L size untransformed image. We can choose L to be larger for better quality and harder computation; the fastest version uses L=0, just using the LL band for computation.

Let I be the current 2^L low band. Let I' be the previous. Let H be the current band-N square, and let H' be the previous.

For each pixel in H that we wish to code, we go up to its parent in I. For each pixel in I, we look for the closest matching local neighborhood in I'. We favor local neighborhood offsets that are similar to the ones chosen nearby in I. Now, this offset from I to I' is transformed into an offset from H to H' , so that for our coding in H we now have found a local neighborhood in H'. Now we look at the actual already-coded pixels in H and compare them to the pixel in our target neighborhood in H' , and do pixel shifts of <= +- 4 pixels to improve the fit.

Now that we've chosen a local neighborhood in H' that corresponds to our pixel in H, we compare how well the already-coded neighbors in H and H' match eachother. If the match is better than some tolerance, we do a delta against the pixel in H'.

My tests suggest that you can achieve television quality in realtime, at 20 fps (on a 300+ Mhz Pentium), with 256x256 images, at 1024 bytes per frame. (or about 160 kbits/second). A lower quality version, at about 10 fps and 128x128 should be able to run on a 56k modem!.

To provide seeking, we would want to send a whole image, probably once per second, and then just send the delta frames to fill out the second.

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