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FAQs and Tutorials

e-course : Tensors and GR
Colliding black holes : GR tutorial
Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics
Eric's Treasure Trove of Physics
John Baez's Papers
SEDS Messier Database
Measurement in quantum mechanics FAQ
Quantum Information Home Page
Symmetry and the Shape of Space (elementary)
"cyclist" physics of chaos
Hilbert Space Diffeq (not read)
Knot Theory Primer (cryptically written)
Mathematics Archives - Lessons and Tutorials
Physics FAQ
Virtual Particle FAQ
Quantum Communication - short introduction


xxx.lanl : e-Print title/author/abstract search
TIPTOP: Welcome Page
The Net Advance of Physics : papers
AIP:Latest Physics News
SPIRES Library Databases
Physics Resources
Query Interface to the Documents at European Physics Departments Broker

Topic Sites

G J Chaitin Home Page (wow)
Chris Hillman's Eprints (superb)
Entropy on the World Wide Web
Relativity on the World Wide Web
A Linear Solution of the Four-Dimensionality Problem
Center for Gravitational Physics and Geometry (Pullin,Smolin.etc)
The Second Superstring Revolution
Java : Ising model Monte Carlo simulation
Java : Ising model Monte Carlo (#2)
Sculptures of Knots
Glassy Phases and Dynamics of Randomly Pinned Elastic Media
Les Houches LXII e-Book ('94)
What IS a Lie Group? by Tony Smith
the D4-D5-E6 Model (by Tony Smith)
Spheres: Exotic, Homotopy, PDS3 (Tony Smith)
3x3 Octonion Matrix Models by Tony Smith
Division Algebra by Dave Rusin
Math Forum - geometry.research
Anders Haaning's hydraulic jump page
Candle Dances & Atoms
harmonic oscilattor, groups, and spin
Lattices & Groups : Richard E. Borcherds
Penrose - Wang Tilings
Cellular Automaton Fluids: Basic Theory (1986)
Symmetry and the Shape of Space
First Year Report
Hartle @ UCSB : quantum cosmology
Nonlinear Chemical Dynamics
Semiclassical Density Matrix Near the Top of a Potential Barrier
Peskin : Corrections to QFT Book (by page number)


Peskin : Beyond the Standard Model
Baez's Strings = Loops
FQH review , 9609283
FQH review , 9410047
Exotic spinors and FQHE
Michael Flohr : QFT and FQH
Les Houches : Quantum Cosmology : 9302024
Hawking's Virtual Black Holes
String Duality Colloquium (polchinski)
What is String Theory? (polchinski)
gravity in 2d
symmetry in classical 2d
D-brane lectures
Supersymmetry Intro
Closed String Field Theory
String Theory and Curved Time
Duality for Grad Students
Duality Intro
Duality in E&M and stringy origin
String models (4d free fermionic)
Path Integral Introduction
Supersymmetry Low-Energy Introduction
Kaluza-Klein Theory
Supersymmetry Low-Energy Future
M-Theory : Four Lectures
Non-Abelian Monopoles
Supersymmetric Gauge Theories
SuperSym Gauge Theories : Lectures
Standard Model Overview
QFT of Geometry
QFT of Physics and Math
What is String Theory?
QFT : Weinberg's Review
QFT : Triumph and Limitations
Quantum Gravity (good review!)
Supersymmetric Unification
non-commutative geometry and physics
E&M Duality and SuperSym Gauge
SuperString Duality
Early Supergravity
Strings '96 Home Page
String Duality Colloquium
Seiberg-Witten Theory and Stringy Origin

Grad Schools

Princeton University Graduate Program in Physics
UCSB Physics Department Home Page
MIT Graduate Admissions Homepage
Berkeley Physics Home Page
Cornell University Department of Physics
UT Austin

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