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You'll need crblib (264k,Zip) to compile the code here. It contains my compression link-ins, plus my EQ compiler. (updated october 99) ; now contains an MSVC 6.0 workspace for easy building

The newest crblib (5-21-99) contains my 'rung' arithcoder; this is a binary arithcoder with a tabulated probability state, like the ELS or Q coder. It lets us eliminate the divide by the total count; I often get *better* compression with my rung coder than with a full-precision binary model!

The arithc.c module in crblib was modified in June of 1998 ; it now does bytewise arithmetic coding, and may be incompatible with older source code offered on this page. You should be able to change arithc.h includes to vqarithc.h to make old code compile (or better yet, modify them to use the new coder).

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